What To Look For In Antique Pocket Watches For Sale

by admin on May 19, 2012

Diagram Of Common Antique Pocket WatchesA pocket watch makes a great gift item for your father or the collector in your family. For those of you out there that still use pocket watches to tell time they make a great accent to your suit as well. At one point in time every well to do man had a pocket watch under his coat to tell the time. In the case of railroad men it became a staple to see them with a pocket watch in their hands. We even set standards by which a railroad mans pocket watch had to meet to be acceptable.

Pocket watches were so reliable at one time that the American Railway Association created a strict dress code in 1893 that forced its railway men to wear a good pocket watch at all times while on duty. That is why you will often see old antique pocket watches labeled as railroad pocket watches. This isn't to say that the same watches couldn't have been worn by other prominent business men during those times.

I inherited my first pocket watch from my father after he passed away. I inherited an Elgin antique pocket watch. It was a working mans pocket watch and not incredibly valuable or ornate, but the history surrounding its journey through my family is quite grande.

When my son comes of age that i think he is capable of not loosing the pocket watch i look forward to handing it down to him. The pocket watch is one of those items that seems to be passed down through generations and can hold a lot of sentiment. The antique pocket watch has an aire of wisdom and archeology surrounding it that rummages up images of history for all those that hold it. You can get a sense of the people who held that pocket watch throughout time.

When purchasing an antique pocket watch for a collector you want to make sure that you follow a few key buying factors.

1. Do your homework before buying! Like most collectibles pocket watches can vary in price and condition quite a lot. So if you are going to buy an expensive pocket watch buy a pricing guide and do your homework first.

2. Buy from reputable sellers! I highly recommend eBay when it comes to buying pocket watches because you can easily see if the sellers are reputable buy looking at their feedback rating. If a users feedback is poor don't even consider buying from them. I would also only buy from users in north America or reputable countries.

3. Antique pocket watches for sale - Login to eBay and use their advanced search options to search for previously ended listings to see approximately where other auctions for similar antique pocket watches ended.

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